Push Sports Knee Brace
Price: AED 387.45 Inc VAT + AED 10 Shipping
The Push Sports Knee Brace supports the knee in a special way, using non-axial leaf spring hinges on both sides of the knee. Movement to the sides is countered, whilst on the other hand bending and stretching of the knee are not hindered. The U-shaped pressure pad is positioned round the kneecap and contributes to stabilising the kneecap.   WHEN SHOULD YOU USE THE PUSH SPORTS KNEE BRACE?
  • General knee instability
  • Residual instability following a collateral ligament injury
  • Arthrosis with mild instability
  • Meniscus injury
  • Patellofemoral pain syndrome
Size: S, L , M , XL

AED 387.45 Inc VAT


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