Promed EMT-6
Price: AED 498.75 Inc VAT + AED 10 Shipping
A combination of pain relief and muscular stimulation seems to be perfect? Are you looking for a device that combines TENS and EMS?

The Promed EMT-6 is one of these devices, that make both electrical nerve and muscular stimulation possible. You have the choice of five TENS programmes and six EMS programmes. Moreover you can install as well two programmes by yourself. Therefore, this practical EMT6 is perfect, for example for headache, back pains, circulation problems as well as for muscular workout.

The Promed EMT-6 is predestined for the treatment of chronic and acute pain conditions, mobility impairments and for the preservation, building up, training and rehabilitation of muscles and muscle groups.

Normally the TENS treatment is covered by your Swiss health insurance. Please contact your insurance company and your doctor. The classification number of Promed EMT-6 is 09.31.01-2.

2 channels = 4 electrodes


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