Homelec Cordless Massager CM-05 cord/cable/pain/hassle-free handy
Price: AED 892.50 Inc VAT + AED 10 Shipping
Homelec Cordless Massager is a portable massager that is free of cords, cables, and ultimately hassles.

With going cordless it simply minimizes the possibility for getting entangled in wires during massage, stuck around nearby an electricity outlet, or tumbled down on an extension code. For one’s lifestyle that prefers to keep things easy and convenient, Homelec Cordless Massager taps soft and hard wherever is needed with minimum restraint. To spice up the fun of massaging gadget, there is a vibrating motor at the tip of the handgrip for facial and scalp massage. Homelec Cordless Massager’s unique silicone-made sticks are also applicable for bone-adjacent areas such as wrists, fingers and foot, tired from office work or high heel pain, also you can enjoy body oil massage.


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