Wock MOC 03 Fuchsia Lady
Price: AED 273.00 Inc VAT + AED 10 Shipping
The professionals looking for elegance, sophistication and comfort will love MOC, the first autoclavable moccasin in the world.

AED 273.00 Inc VAT

Produced in a high quality polymer which allows sterilization in autoclave up to 134 °C.

Removable Insole
It’s detachable to allow a deeper cleaning.

Upper Liquid Protection
Avoids the entrance of liquids inside the shoe.

Regulates the temperature and humidity of the foot.

Shock Absorption
The special design helps to reduce the occurrence of micro-lesions in tendons, bones and joints, and the feeling of tired legs.

Promotes the dissipation of accumulated static electricity.

Lemon Scent
The footwear has a fresh and soft fragrance, with a lemon scent.


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