Darco Slim Line Cast Boot
Price: AED 189.00 Inc VAT + AED 10 Shipping
The DARCO SlimLine™ Cast Boot can be adapted to fiberglass casts, bulky compression bandages and a variety of wound-care applications, making it one of the most versatile cast shoes on the market.

Features and Benefits:

  • Square Toe Design acts as a protective bumper and gives the patient more room to accommodate larger casts and bandages.
  • Universal Forefoot Closure.
  • Higher Ankle Strap ads stability.
  • Elasticized strap allows for fixed ankle ambulation.
  • Rocker Sole allows for a smooth roll throughout the gait pattern.


  • Use with casts and compression bandaging of the foot and ankle
  • Surgery of the midfoot/forefoot

AED 189.00 Inc VAT


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