Valinos Sandals – Beach Cross
Price: AED 2,520.00 Inc VAT + AED 10 Shipping
CUSTOME MADE Please visit our HEALTH CARE CENTER to take measurement Our valinos Beach series combines the best that a trendy shoe and an individual footbed can currently offer. Correction is configured to enable fatigue-free walking without incorrect weight bearing. The toe area is modeled to conform to your own toe shape. Modeling ensures perfect valinos hold without provoking the toes to claw. Every valinos is modeled and designed according to the wearer’s foot measurement data. In addition, foot corrections are undertaken on the basis of individual requirements.   The classic-model is our bestseller from our valinos range. The orthopedic shape treats the foot perfectly. The design can be chosen up to the requirements of the client.

AED 2,520.00 Inc VAT

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