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  Therapearl Reusable Hot Heat & Ice Cold Gel Bead Therapy Back Wrap Pack & Strap
  • Therapearl Hot Heat & Ice Cold Pack conforms to your body to provide relief from pre workout stiffness, post workout pains, sore muscles and more
  • To use the Therapearl as an Ice pack or cold wrap freeze for at least 2 hours
  • To use the Therapearl as a Heat pack or a hot wrap heat in microwave for specified time
  • Therapearl packs are designed to retain a therapeutic hot or cold temperature for about 20 mins
  • Therapearl Hot heat & Ice cold pack wrap is reusable and non-toxic
  • Therapearl hot heat & ice cold pack is held in place with a strap
  • Therapearl is in Back wrap size (17 inch x 6.75 inch)

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AED 71.40 Inc VAT


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