Tynor Contoured Cervical Pillow

AED 199.50 Inc VAT | متضمن الضريبة

AED 199.50 Inc VAT | متضمن الضريبة

Tynor Contoured Cervical Pillow

Contoured Cervical Pillow is designed to keep the neck in the slightly hyperextension position at night to counter the muscular strain generated in the day where we tend to keep the neck in the flexion position.

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Contoured Cervical Pillow

cures the cervical problems while you sleep.

Double Contour

Anatomical design

Long functional life

Enhanced comfort

Anatomically shaped, molded from PU Foam with optimal density, provides effective support to the neck. It has a scientific design, maintains the neck in slight hyperextension and provides muscle relaxation. It has a long functional life and good resilience.

Ergonomically designed, it is extremely comfortable with very smooth contours. It has two different heights on two different sides to accommodate short and long necks.

Covered with soft fabric, provides a nice touch, feel and plush looks. It is removable and washable.

Misc Parameters: Size: 21” x 14”. Gross weight: 800gms. Easy to carry packaging.