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Push Sports Wrist Brace

The Push Sports Wrist Brace stabilises the wrist joint and is very well suited in the event of persistent pain and slight instability of the wrist.

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The wrist brace applies movement restriction, but does not immobilise the joint, allowing you to continue to practice sports. The elastic strap offers a comfortable, individually adjustable compression. When should you use the Push Sports Wrist Brace? To prevent recurring strain symptoms in the wrist joint Strain symptoms in the wrist joint In the event of pain in the wrist joint Sizing The Push Sports Wrist Brace is available for both left and right wrist.

Available sizes: S | M | L

Applying the brace:
1. Insert the thumb in the opening provided. The D-ring goes at the back of the hand.
2. Tighten the elastic strap around the wrist joint and fasten the hook and loop fastener. The buckle makes it easy to tighten the elastic strap.