LG 42" HD LED Smart TV 42LB582T

LG 42 Inch HD LED Smart TV 42LB582T

LG , ТВ,Видео и Аудио Аппаратура



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Разрешение экрана1920 x 1080


Freely share and access various content on different devices, whether you are in or outside your home. LG's Smart Share make it simple to connect devices within the house. With your own LG account, a simple log in can let you access your entertainment away from home. Just type or speak in any keyword and the Universal Search will instantly provide a relevant listing of VOD content, broadcast programs and online videos from YouTube. The best search function ever, it allows you to find anything on your TV, and enrich your entertainment experience with LG Smart TV. Cross display boundaries freely and without hassle. With LG Smart Share, mirroring the screen between LG TV and other smart devices is made incredibly easy and user-friendly. With the LG Cloud service you can play your contents on your Smart TV from anywhere, anytime. Quickly access videos, music, and photos from other devices, then enjoy them on your TV. With the newly updated version of the LG's popular Time Machine feature, TV programs can be recorded so that you can rewind, pause, or re-watch your favorite shows. Just like a smartphone, LG Smart TV now has a Wi-Fi chip built in the system, allowing greater connectivity and access to and from the TV.

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LG 42" HD LED Smart TV 42LB582T

LG 42" HD LED Smart TV 42LB582T

LG 42 Inch HD LED Smart TV 42LB582T

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