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True photo quality printing is truly affordable with the world’s first Original Ink Tank System

  • The revolutionary Epson Original Ink Tank System was designed for high print volume usage in mind. With a yield of up to 1,800* 4R photos, the L800 Photo Printer offers great value for money. The system is fitted with filters and tank caps to control airflow and ensure minimal ink wastage from evaporation – resulting in minimal print head clogging and a cleaner work space.


True photo quality with genuine Epson inks

  • Only Epson photo inks ensure you the most vibrant and accurate photo prints. Every 70ml bottle of Epson high capacity ink comes with a unique 13-digit code that ensures its authenticity and a cap for easy storage of any unused ink.
  • As every bottle of ink is made by Epson, you can be sure of consistent and accurate colours even after weeks of storage. And at just RM36 per bottle, you truly save with every print you make.


Fast Ink Top-up (FIT) technology reduces ink wastage

  • Say goodbye to frequent ink changes, clogged valves or wasted ink with Epson Fast Ink Top-up (FIT) technology. The Choke Valve controls the ink flow and gives you more value for every bottle of ink you use. Simply lock the device during transportation of printer to minimise ink leakage or wastage.


Achieve photo perfection with Epson Creativity Suite

  • Create professional and impressive photos and presentations with Epson’s dynamic, user-friendly photo editing and enhancement software, Epson Creativity Suite. You can now achieve photo perfection with the following functions:

    • Red Eye Correction
      Eliminate red eye effect and create professional photos instantly with just a click of a button

    • Epson Portrait Enhance
      Deliver beautiful and natural photo prints by adjusting the skin tones, colour casts and exposure levels.

    • Epson Easy Photo Print
      Achieve photo lab quality prints in just 3 steps with this easy to use software.


Superior print speed for better productivity

With a photo print speed of up to 13 sec per 4R photo*, you can achieve much more with less time.


Unsurpassed print quality

With a resolution of 5760dpi and the expanded colour gamut of 6 inks, you can be assured of the highest quality in photo printing.


Direct Printing onto CDs/DVDs

With the Epson L800, you can print directly onto the printable surface of your CDs/DVDs, removing the need for additional adhesive labels, thereby saving you money.


Bottle Model(s)

Page Yield (pages)

T673 Black Ink

Approx 9900 pages (4R)

T673 (Colour Inks)*

Approx 1800 pages (4R)


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Epson Printer

Epson Printer

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